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* Switch to bear blog themeAlan Pearce2023-04-19-239/+0
* Update theme for zola 0.14Alan Pearce2022-04-30-1/+1
* Extract theme from templatesAlan Pearce2020-11-15-0/+239
* Port theme to zola templateAlan Pearce2020-11-14-621/+0
* Add basic dark-mode supportAlan Pearce2020-10-28-0/+21
* Remove photoAlan Pearce2020-09-11-3/+0
* Enable code line highlightsAlan Pearce2020-09-11-0/+1
* Remove table stylingAlan Pearce2020-09-11-5/+0
* Make markup html5 compatibleAlan Pearce2020-01-19-2/+2
* Remove unnecessary XFN attributeAlan Pearce2020-01-19-1/+1
* Add post-author relationshipAlan Pearce2020-01-11-1/+1
* Cleanup whitespace in outputAlan Pearce2020-01-11-12/+11
* Add h-entry p-category supportAlan Pearce2020-01-11-0/+1
* Remove unused codeAlan Pearce2020-01-11-1/+0
* Add h-feed supportAlan Pearce2020-01-11-6/+9
* Show photoAlan Pearce2020-01-11-0/+3
* Merge commit 'd5857f9dbecd498e341c8cb5d0866749c5c554c7'Alan Pearce2020-01-10-39/+77
* Merge commit '7befbf2f991e217aa4d52615f9f430cae30897f5' as 'themes/xmin'Alan Pearce2020-01-10-0/+564
* Remove submoduleAlan Pearce2020-01-10-0/+0
* Cleanup whitespaceAlan Pearce2020-01-07-0/+0
* Switch to xmin themeAlan Pearce2020-01-07-0/+0