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* Move servers into app.ts and export for testing HEAD mainAlan Pearce4 days-230/+231
* Fix incorrect Makefile logic for post-processingAlan Pearce4 days-3/+5
* Just send one transaction to SentryAlan Pearce5 days-17/+6
* Also rename requests metricAlan Pearce5 days-2/+2
* Format HTML to a shorter line lengthAlan Pearce5 days-1/+1
* Optimise DockerfileAlan Pearce5 days-1/+0
* Fix format not running in dockerAlan Pearce5 days-2/+2
* Merge requestsBy* metrics into one metricAlan Pearce5 days-12/+23
* Use a fixed docker tag for postprocessing on AlpineAlan Pearce5 days-1/+1
* Use a special file for health checksAlan Pearce5 days-1/+2
* Include user-agent string in Sentry tagsAlan Pearce5 days-0/+1
* Use make only for necessary functionalityAlan Pearce5 days-22/+8
* add HTTP service checksAlan Pearce5 days-0/+6
* Send HSTS header from Fly proxyAlan Pearce5 days-2/+3
* Tweak Sentry setupAlan Pearce6 days-15/+15
* Don't register double-slashed pathsAlan Pearce6 days-1/+1
* Fix XML feed styleAlan Pearce6 days-37/+50
* Add crude Sentry release tracking informationAlan Pearce6 days-0/+1
* Don't try to collect default metrics that don't work in BunAlan Pearce6 days-8/+0
* Override content-type for /feed-styles/Alan Pearce6 days-4/+7
* Set http tags on 404 spansAlan Pearce6 days-1/+2
* Simplify file handlingAlan Pearce6 days-25/+9
* Trace performance and upload to sentryAlan Pearce6 days-7/+45
* Send from correct directoryAlan Pearce6 days-1/+1
* Steamline docker buildAlan Pearce6 days-4/+7
* Update Bun to 1.0.1Alan Pearce6 days-1/+1
* Fix buildAlan Pearce6 days-19/+80
* Merge homestead repositoryAlan Pearce6 days-133/+817
| * Add request_duration_seconds histogramAlan Pearce6 days-7/+16
| * Add namespace to prometheus metricsAlan Pearce6 days-2/+2
| * Catch errors and log to sentryAlan Pearce6 days-36/+47
| * Deploy to fly.ioAlan Pearce6 days-0/+21
| * Build with dockerAlan Pearce6 days-1/+233
| * Log server info at startupAlan Pearce6 days-3/+9
| * Fix error in requestsByPath counterAlan Pearce6 days-0/+1
| * Collect metrics for prometheusAlan Pearce8 days-0/+39
| * Remove unused importAlan Pearce8 days-1/+0
| * Add testsAlan Pearce8 days-0/+71
| * Send headers with 304 responsesAlan Pearce8 days-1/+1
| * Add Vary: Accept-Encoding header (only header keys are re-cased)Alan Pearce8 days-1/+4
| * Remove console.logAlan Pearce9 days-4/+0
| * Fix incorrect file existence checkAlan Pearce9 days-1/+1
| * Remove defunct live-reloadAlan Pearce9 days-5/+3
| * Use bun's builtin mime logicAlan Pearce9 days-10/+3
| * Return precompressed files, if they existAlan Pearce9 days-8/+67
| * Inline variableAlan Pearce9 days-4/+4
| * Send 304 when file time not greater than if-modified-since headerAlan Pearce9 days-3/+15
| * Send last-modified headerAlan Pearce9 days-1/+4
| * Remove unused functionAlan Pearce9 days-6/+0
| * Reduce memory usage by not duplicating default headersAlan Pearce9 days-3/+3