nixfilesSystem and user configuration, managed by nix and home-manager26 hourssummary log tree
dnsDNS records for my domains, managed via dnscontrolsummary log tree
gopkgsGo module vanity import pathssummary log tree
nix-packagesMy personal collection of packages for nixsummary log tree
polyglot.elCollection of file-based major modes for Emacssummary log tree
searchixSearch engine for NixOS, nix-darwin and home-manager userssummary log tree
websiteMy websitesummary log tree
xExperiments and stuffsummary log tree
zola-bearblogPort of bear blog theme to zolasummary log tree
hugo-xminCustomised minimal hugo theme5 yearssummary log tree
nixos-configurationSuperseded by nixfiles5 yearssummary log tree
hydeCustomised hugo theme5 yearssummary log tree
bitcoincharts-beancountBitcoincharts Beancount converter7 yearssummary log tree
microformatsIncomplete Clojure microformats library8 yearssummary log tree
ynab-ledgerConvert exported YNAB data to ledger-cli8 yearssummary log tree
dotfilesSuperseded by nixfilessummary log tree
homesteadMy future indieweb platformsummary log tree