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mainupdate dependency manifestsAlan Pearce107 min.
hugowebsite-hugo.tar.lz  website-hugo.tar.zst  website-hugo.zip  Alan Pearce12 days
zolawebsite-zola.tar.lz  website-zola.tar.zst  website-zola.zip  Alan Pearce12 days
typescript-bunwebsite-typescript-bun.tar.lz  website-typescript-bun.tar.zst  website-typescript-bun.zip  Alan Pearce5 weeks
AgeCommit messageAuthorLines
107 min.update dependency manifests HEAD mainAlan Pearce-11/+8
16 hoursignore nix build outputAlan Pearce-0/+1
16 hourssend 204 No Content to /healthAlan Pearce-1/+1
16 hoursdon't log requests to /healthAlan Pearce-0/+3
18 hoursadd pre-commit hooksAlan Pearce-1/+116
26 hoursrefactor: simplify logging of Host headerAlan Pearce-11/+2
27 hoursrefactor: lint with golangci-lintAlan Pearce-76/+161
29 hoursrefactor: split server and muxAlan Pearce-138/+171
30 hoursfix logging of host headerAlan Pearce-1/+1
2 daysupdate dependenciesAlan Pearce-2/+7