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* Make buildable with nix (requires submodule workaround)Alan Pearce2023-05-18-1/+1
* Add bear theme as submoduleAlan Pearce2023-04-19-0/+3
* Remove submoduleAlan Pearce2020-01-10-3/+0
* Remove hyde themeAlan Pearce2020-01-10-3/+0
* Switch to xmin themeAlan Pearce2020-01-07-0/+3
* Fix submodule theme URLAlan Pearce2019-06-02-1/+1
* Try another git submodule url for netlifyAlan Pearce2018-06-17-1/+1
* Fix Netlify pull failAlan Pearce2018-06-17-1/+1
* Update .gitmodulesAlan Pearce2018-06-09-1/+1
* Theme it with hydeAlan Pearce2014-06-07-0/+3