BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masteri3: update startup programsAlan Pearce12 days
AgeCommit messageAuthor
12 daysi3: update startup programsHEADmasterAlan Pearce
12 daysEmacs: fix nix indentationAlan Pearce
12 daysEmacs: Fix startup errorsAlan Pearce
2019-05-28Emacs: always ignore node_modules in projectileAlan Pearce
2019-05-28Emacs: fix startup errorAlan Pearce
2019-05-27Emacs: Remove call to uninstalled evil-mu4e packageAlan Pearce
2019-05-27Emacs: Improve contrast of inactive buffer modeline and (mini)bufferAlan Pearce
2019-05-27Emacs: Remove github-only open-pull-request functionAlan Pearce
2019-05-27Emacs: Display flycheck tooltips for longerAlan Pearce
2019-05-27Emacs: Bind <leader> x to C-x keymapAlan Pearce