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masterSimplify permalink handlingAlan Pearce2 min.
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2 min.Simplify permalink handlingHEADmasterAlan Pearce
25 hoursUse more common front matter markersAlan Pearce
2020-01-19Make markup html5 compatibleAlan Pearce
2020-01-19Remove unnecessary XFN attributeAlan Pearce
2020-01-12Add caching headers for images and cssAlan Pearce
2020-01-11Add post-author relationshipAlan Pearce
2020-01-11Add microformats property to GnuPG key linkAlan Pearce
2020-01-11Remove mention of Hugo from HTMLAlan Pearce
2020-01-11Merge remote-tracking branch 'gitlab/master'Alan Pearce
2020-01-11Cleanup whitespace in outputAlan Pearce