BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterEmacs: assume html files are django-like templatesAlan Pearce7 days
simple-promptReplace agkozak prompt with simpler custom promptAlan Pearce2 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
7 daysEmacs: assume html files are django-like templatesHEADmasterAlan Pearce
7 dayszsh: follow symbolic links with llAlan Pearce
9 daysdarwin: install and use sekeyAlan Pearce
11 daysUse optimised kernel and CPU governor on PCs (laptops and desktops)Alan Pearce
11 daysDisable default DHCP when connman is usedAlan Pearce
11 daysprefect: use connmanAlan Pearce
11 daysprefect: automount NTFS filesystems via autofsAlan Pearce
11 daysExtract wireless setup fvrom connman.nix to iwd.nixAlan Pearce
11 daysconnman: use a nicer management UIAlan Pearce
11 daysconnman: use updated nixos schemaAlan Pearce